Truth be Told

Hello All – No time to write for quite a while. My mother passed away Monday August 8th, 2016. It was two weeks ago and the time element is so confusing it could be a day, or two years since it happened. That’s how it seems to me. I’m not gonna write much about this … Continue reading Truth be Told

Summer on the Horizon

I love hot sunny weather…big surprise. But as you get older, I think you learn to really appreciate things like this more, because you just never know, and you see more and more ¬†family and friends dealing with health issues etc. Be grateful and humble…my thoughts. Gigs have been great…I cannot express in words what … Continue reading Summer on the Horizon

G-I-G-S and more.

Not much time to write. All practicing and playing. The Growlers had two gigs in the last few days. There’s alot I really like about this group, and even though we haven’t played all that much there is a great chemistry, and at times this group has reached a sonic intensity that is pretty serious. … Continue reading G-I-G-S and more.


Hello – Checking in with the blog. Always alot going on musically, which is great. New/cool things: trio I’ve been playing with – ‘The Growlers’ – Dave Martin fretless bass, Pete Hennig drums. This group has chemistry and is really fun. We have a Black Dog gig in April, and Jazz Central gig in May. … Continue reading Blogging

GIGS and such

Haven’t used this in several months, too much going on. I updated my gig calendar as well. A few gigs coming up at Vieux Carre. It is such a nice room and I’m glad to be working there regularly. Catch Charmin & Shapira w/friends Friday Feb. 12 9pm-midnight, $8.00. Otherwise some nice trio stuff has … Continue reading GIGS and such